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That’s What Wings Are For

By Patrick Guest & Daniella Germain
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That’s What Wings Are For

by Patrick Guest

‘That’s What Wings Are For’ is a book created by Patrick Guest which has been dedicated to every boy and girl with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), their families, and all those working and praying for a cure.

The main character is a Dragon called Bluey, who like these boys and girls may have weak muscles, but they are strong and amazing in many other ways. It is a truly touching story with gorgeous illustrations.

Part proceeds from this book go to help Duchenne Foundation assist families whose child is affected with this condition. Please order your copy of the book from the Duchenne Foundation website and not only help a child with DMD but also give joy to a child reading this inspiring book.

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Beautifully Illustrated

by Daniella Germain

Author Interview

There are three things that all respectable dragons need:
Strong wings for flying.
Strong lungs for breathing fire,
and strong, shiny scales ...
But Bluey the Dragon has none of these.
Even so, Bluey has other abilities, some of them truly wonderful ... if only he can work out what they are!

That's What Wings Are For is a picture book from author Patrick Guest
and illustrated by Daniella Germain.

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